Sunday, August 2, 2009


The construction project at 476 Horseshoe Loop is making incredible progress. Here is a little slideshow to give you an idea of what has been done in a very short time. Our builders, Nick and Ted Bennett, are incredibly skillful, cooperative, and hard-working. We also have had the good luck to engage the services of the electrician ("Little Joe" Garcia) and plumber (Mike Tomatowski) who helped us with the initial renovations of the main cabin. Susie supervises and coordinates everything, discussing changes and solving problems on the fly.
When it's finished, the new additon will have a main bedroom (with a real closet!), one and a half baths (including a large whirlpool tub!), and a large entryway/mudroom. Then we will take down the inner partition in the old cabin, eliminating the original bathroom, enlarging the kitchen, and turning the whole space into one huge open cooking/dining/living area.