Saturday, July 14, 2012

Morro Bay: July 2012

Adventures of Susie and Steve, Jan Stone, Tom Zeller and Mary Kay Rothert, and Teddy the Wonderdog in and around Morro Bay. 

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Maya and Will: Wedding Rehearsal (13 July 2012)

Maya and Will had the rehearsal for their wedding at the Still Waters Winery just outside Paso Robles, California.  Jan Stone, who presided at Sue and Steve's wedding 40+ years ago, will be the officiant at tomorrow's service.  The wedding party consists of Maya and Will, Maya's sister Robin and her friend Courtney, and Will's friends Kirk and Derek.  Lots of family and friends are on hand, including Steve and Sue (duh), Bob and Lois Stevens (Maya's parents), JD Lloyd (Will's uncle) and Michele McGrath, and Tom Zeller (Will's godfather) and Mary Kay Rothert from Indiana.

The rehearsal dinner was planned and catered by Susie.  It was a triumph of taste, imagination, and long-distance logistics.  The tables were decorated with local sunflowers and pebbles from the beach at Morro Bay.  There were delicious appetizers (brie and crackers, bruschetta topped with cream cheese and pears, fruits, nuts), a fantastic buffet (poached salmon, grilled pork loin, mushroom stroganoff, grilled asparagus spears, baked artichoke squares, miniature stuffed potatoes, tossed salad), and desserts (pecan tarts, chocolate torte), plus fine wine and beer for all.

Since Teddy's dog food got accidentally left behind, he was compelled to snack on tidbits from the above menu.

Lois and Bob Stevens shared a parting surprise with all the guests:  a bottle of specially labelled "Will and Maya Pinot" for each one of us.

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