Sunday, November 29, 2009

319 Amherst, SE

We closed on our new house on Monday morning and started moving in that same afternoon. There are still a few pictures to be hung and a few odds and ends to be arranged, but for the most part we are now at home at 319 Amherst.
The house has four small bedrooms. One is a study for Steve, one is for Susie, one is a guestroom and TV room, and one is for sleeping. There is also a large garage with a workbench and lots of storage, and a huge pantry and utility room off the kitchen.

We are located on a quiet street at the top of Nob Hill only a few blocks from the UNM campus and Central Avenue, the "main drag" with many shops and cafes and restaurants. Looking out our rear door, we can see beautiful sunsets and the lights of the city twinkling across the Rio Grande valley.